Brendan Shane is a Singer-Songwriter, currently writing music under the moniker: “The Nocturnal Affair”. The band’s crushing and melancholic alternative musical style is an ode to dark rock and metal torchbearers like Type O Negative, HIM and Nine Inch Nails, while capturing a uniquely haunting sound steeped in downtrodden melodies enveloped in the darkness behind the glow of the Las Vegas lights where he has called home.

Latest Single

THE NOCTURNAL AFFAIR Reveals First Single “Beyond the Wall of Sleep”

“Gothic/dark rock outfit THE NOCTURNAL AFFAIR is set to emerge from the darkness behind the glow of the Las Vegas lights where they call home as they reveal their uniquely haunting sound on their new song “Beyond The Wall of Sleep.”

Out of the Night, The Nocturnal Affair is Helping to Bring a New Dawn in Rock in this Exclusive Interview

Taking the stage in our first installment in the Future of Rock interview series is The Nocturnal Affair, lead by frontman Brendan Shane. Rock music has been a staple of Brendan’s life from an early age. Brendan is about to release his debut album entitled (Meta)Morphosis. The album’s first single, ‘Beyond the Wall of Sleep,’ was recently released on Oct 2nd.